Celebrating Colorado’s Citizen Soldiers

This year Lakewood On Parade will be “Celebrating Our Troops”!

It is our way of saying thank you to the men, women and families of the 9/11 generation who have sacrificed so much in protecting our nation through their service in Colorado’s Air and Army National Guards while enduring multiple deployments over the past ten years to conflicts around the world.

We are also proud to announce that this year, a portion of our net proceeds will go to support the Wounded Warrior Project.

We are working closely with the Colorado Army & Air National Guard to provide them an opportunity to showcase their organization to the people they serve. We are honored to be coordinating our event through one of the finest units to serve the state of Colorado, the 5th Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group, whom you will meet the day of the event!

Did you know that Colorado has its very own Green Beret unit? You will have the honor of meeting some of the troops from Colorado’s 5th Battalion 19th Special Forces Group whose men have served on multiple deployments to both Iraq and Afghanastan.

As part of this years celebration we have requested participation in the following areas. As the event unfolds we will update this list with specific details that have been confimed and approved:

Active Duty Soldiers – Meet the men and women who are actively serving in the Guard and take the opportunity to thank them in person!

Military Hardware Exhibits – To provide our guests and up close and personal look at some of the stuff that keeps our military on the leading edge of war fighting: Humvee, Armored Vehicles, and Signal Communications Gear.

Modern Weapons Systems – We hope to have some of the things in today’s warfare arsenal. Would you like to walk up and touch a tank? How about a howitzer? Want to hold and learn about some of the individual weapons our soldiers deploy?

Aerial Flyovers – We have requested a flyover during the afternoon of the event. This one may be difficult to get, but we asked!

Air Assult Display – How would you like to see how special forces troops deploy from a helicopter during an active air assault, right in the middle of the stadium?

Historical Military Exhibits – We have invited various historical military “living history” participants who will also have their own historical military displays, exhibits, weapons and hardware.

Military Bands… ROTC Units… Climbing Walls for kids attended by soldiers and much, much more!

Stay tuned as we continue to post new attractions, activities and surprises related to this years theme on this page.